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Mouse pads
On a typical day in the office, we use a computer mouse for up to 8 hours a day. Technogel® mouse pads and armrests help make this time as comfortably as possible.
Padding for gloves
Good shock-absorbing properties and optimum pressure distribution make Technogel® a perfect material for cycling gloves and other sports accessories.
Sticky Tools
A lot of applications are possible due to the perfect adhesion of Technogel. We offer the material starting vom 0,03mm.
We develop and manufacture a wide variety of gel products for padding. We can customize the hardness and color, as well as the geometry.
Helmets Comfort Pads
 A helmet must be comfortable and secure. The 3D performance helps to reduce rotational impacts and offers maximum comfort.
Sticky Pads
We offer a universal adhesion system which makes it possible to adjust the sticky pads to your individual needs.   
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BTG Standard
BTG S Soft
BTG A Strong
BTG FR Flame
BTG L Light
BTG T Thermal
BTG Gelmembrane
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