Discover the 3D adaptability and comfort technology of Technogel®

Technogel® insoles give you a decisive added value. The unique pressure distribution guarantees maximum comfort when traveling, surveying, or working on construction sites. The high rebound capacity guarantees you a long-lasting product.
Gel Inserts
Technogel® is available as molded, stamped, plate or roll material. This gives you a comprehensive basis for integrating customized gel pads into your shoes—long-lasting, practical, and comfortable.
After Sales + Textile
Technogel® is originally transparent. This characteristic makes it possible to integrate logos and branding into the gel. Give your shoe more individuality, more brand awareness, and greater comfort.
Insoles + Textile
The high grade of indiviualisation makes it possible to apply your textile on products like insoles.
Gel Paddings
The highest pressure in a shoe is in the are of the ball and heel. Here we show you an idea of a heel pad, custumizable with your logo. 
After Sale Dual
Our technology allows to have two kinds of gel in one product. Here we are offering a ball foot pad with two densities and colors.
Signature Insoles 
Use our signature tower grid design for more comfort and 3D performance. We use this technology also for our pillow collection.
After Sales
Use the adhesive strength of Technogel® to place your after-sales products quickly and easily into the shoe. Technogel® after-sales products can be reused after cleaning and are durable by nature. A great selling point for the end customer.
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BTG S Soft
BTG A Strong
BTG FR Flame
BTG L Light
BTG T Thermal
BTG Gelmembrane
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