Let the games begin — more comfortably than ever before.

Technogel® combined with a foil coating exhibits unique haptics that will be remembered. You can use customized color, design, and branding to make your product even more remarkable.
Technogel® armrests add a unique cooling effect to your gaming experience. You can add your branding, translucency level, and color preference to complete the product experience!
After Sale Arm Rests
Sports gamer use customized arm rests for lomg-time gaming sessions. With Technogel we bring comfortable game plays to a new level. 
Gaming chairs
Use Technogel® and make your gaming chair uniquely comfortable and benefit from numerous advantages. We support your gaming experience with padded seats, relaxing armrests, lumbar support, and neck cushions. With us, you achieve complete relaxation despite the exciting gaming experience.
Gaming Pads
Being the fastest is most important during gaming. Our mousepad technology and the unique surface are the best solution for gaming mouses.
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BTG Standard
BTG S Soft
BTG A Strong
BTG FR Flame
BTG L Light
BTG T Thermal
BTG Gelmembrane
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