Technogel® offers a wide range of PU-based technologies for use in the industrial sector.

Adhesive tapes
Our adhesive tapes are available in various adhesive strengths and thicknesses. Unlike other brands, with Technogel®, any adhesive strength that may have been lost can be restored at any time by cleaning with water.
Self-repairing technology
The natural adhesive power of the gel means we are able to offer self-repairing technology. Any cable or a pipe that passes through the gel automatically becomes sealed.
Cable glands
Technogel® is ideal for customized cable glands that match your needs exactly. By drilling through a predetermined breaking point, for example, the adhesive and sealing properties of the gel can be put to use.
Damping mats
With a Technogel® damping mat, you can reduce vibrations and noise. The special adhesive power of the gel makes attachment to various surfaces a breeze.
Tailor-made seals
Our casting process enable us to manufacture individual sealing elements for specific applications.
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BTG Gelmembrane
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