Feel the ergonomic comfort and enjoy relaxed days at your desk

Technogel Seat Pads
This pillow is part of our own B2C line. We offer the possibility to customize it individually for your business solution.
Office chairs
Classic office chairs are made with foam upholstery. Use Technogel® for long-lasting comfort and improved thermal regulation.
Comfortable seating
Technogel® upholstery is dimensionally stable and durable, ensuring a long product lifetime. 
Together with us, you develop customized armrests for greater comfort in the workplace. Adhesive strength that can be restored with water permits a secure hold, residue-free removal, and even reusability.
Mouse pads
During a normal workday, a mouse pad is used for at least 8 hours. Technogel® makes this work as pleasant as possible.
Desktop Arm Rests
No arm rest on your chair? Technogel offers customized arm rests for comfort and recoverable adhesion for a good hold on your desk.
Neck supports
The special characteristics of Technogel® enable us to make neck supports that are durable and comfortable—regardless of whether you prefer a softer or firmer feel.
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