Shooting sports

experience the absolute comfort of Technogel® in every competition. 

Recoil pads
Technogel® recoil pads provide optimum damping for weapon recoil, so shooters never lose their rhythm or control of the action.
Stock protectors with integrated recoil pads
The combination of a silicone case filled with Technogel® enables fast switching between firmer and softer cushioning. You can adjust your sports rifle to the required level of comfort without time-consuming assembly.
Stock cheek extensions
Technogel® stock extensions make sporting shooters more flexible than ever before. Due to the self-adhesive characteristic of the gel, the shaft extension can be switched at any time without leaving adhesive residues or losing adhesive strength.
Cheek pads
With our unique gel padding, you can enjoy comfortable cheek contact while hunting or sport shooting. In addition, Technogel® is Oeko-Tex Certified and approved for facial contact.
Shock absorbers for weapon magazines
Technogel® magazine protectors ensure optimal durability and reliable protection of your magazine. With it unrivaled shear-force absorption, Technogel® can make your magazine more durable and comfortable.
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