New investment - one million euros in a modern turntable system.

With the investment of one million euros in a modern turntable system at our location in Berlingerode, we are following our culture of innovation and enabling even more flexible processing of new materials.

Technogel invests one million euros in a manufacturing facility at its headquarters location.

We at Technogel, experts in processing polyurethane gels, are investing one million euros in the Berlingerode site in the Eichsfeld region of Germany. "With the new production plant, we want to expand Technogel's product portfolio, meet growing market demand and increase production capacity," says CEO Hans Hermann Dreyling.

Technogel is a globally active group with sites in Germany, Italy, and the USA. It focuses on processing so-called PU gels for various market segments and employs 150 people worldwide.

Despite the corona crisis, a high-tech production plant is currently being built in Berlingerode. After a construction period of only six months, construction of the plant began at the end of November in compliance with Corona guidelines, which were agreed with the Eichsfeld district. Work is expected to be completed in the next few days. According to a company statement, the first orders are to be processed as early as the first quarter of 2021.

Close cooperation with Italian plant manufacturer
The project to add a production plant to the German site in Berlingerode has been planned in close cooperation with a leading Italian plant manufacturer for PU technologies since the beginning of the current year under the expert leadership of Frank Klingebiel. The commissioning is intended to expand the existing production program.

In addition to new application possibilities in damping, sealing, and bonding, the new production plant will enable greater flexibility in processing new materials and components such as elastomers, dimensionally stable but elastically deformable plastics, according to the statement. In addition, production capacity will be increased because the so-called rotary table has been designed to be significantly more significant than the existing equipment.

This would allow new processes and the existing product portfolio to be expanded. As a result, the Berlingerode site will be able to respond to future requirements on schedule. "To expand Berlingerode as a production site and thus also strengthen Technogel's headquarters, we are looking at several opportunities with this investment. Among other things, we intend to open up new markets and thus also innovate new products," says CEO Dreyling.

Commitment to strengthening the regional labor market
Bucking the current trend, Technogel is investing in special machinery manufacturing. "Despite the pandemic, we made a conscious decision to invest, on the one hand, to open up new markets, and on the other hand, to be prepared for the time after. We also see this commitment as a positive move to strengthen the regional labor market," clarifies Dreyling.

Our German production site in Berlingerode manufactures industrial products for office, industrial, consumer, medical and footwear applications. According to the company, Technogel is a soft material that combines the three-dimensionality of a liquid with the dimensional stability of a solid. It is a polyurethane-based gel without plasticizers that features elastic and mechanical properties.

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