Technogel® offers exceptional sealing systems and innovative technologies

Steering-wheel padding
Technogel® sets new standards in vehicle interiors by combining a comfortable driving experience with a visual refinement of the steering wheel. The excellent thermal conductivity of the gel improves the effectiveness of steering-wheel heating, for example. The unchanged high quality and durability of Technogel® make us a strong partner for your project.
Bumper pads
Our self-adhesive gel pads reduce vibration noise inside the car. Thanks to the perfect rebound of Technogel.
Central arm console comfort
The central arm console is an essential element of comfort in the vehicle for many consumers. Technogel® makes your armrest a relaxing upgrade in the car, offering drivers a new level of comfort, even on long journeys.
Seals and gaskets
Technogel® seals and gaskets are free of silicones and plasticizers. Compared to conventional seals, they are extremely resilient, even over a range from –40° to +110°.
Anti-vibration pads
In vehicles, vibrations can cause a rattling sounds over time, and in some cases this is inevitable due to the vehicle’s design. Unlike rubber parts, which quickly become fatigued, Technogel®s can prevent this, ensuring a quiet driving experience.
Seat comfort
Technogel®’s 3-dimensional adaptability upgrades any vehicle seat. Perfect pressure distribution, perfect comfort. This is how we guarantee ideal support and relief, even for long periods of driving.
Luxurious Interior
Technogel® is ideal for combining with decorative or material composites, offering a new level of comfort. Vehicle interior surfaces can be provided with combinations of Technogel® and LED highlights, for example. With our gel, there’s no limit on the level of comfort in vehicles. 
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