High-end technologies with Technogel® for safe medical applications.

Orthotic pads
The 3-dimensional adaptability of Technogel® and its high density efficiently reduce tension and pressure. The gel is free of plasticizers, fully biocompatible and Oeko-Tex® certified, and as such is approved for use in direct contact with the skin, as well as with infants.
Respiratory masks
With its unique pressure distribution, Technogel® prevents uncomfortable pressure points for the patient and ensures a perfectly comfortable fit. Thanks to its multiple certifications, Technogel® is the ideal material for facial applications.
Shockwave-therapy pads
Technogel® is the leading manufacturer for the production of gel pads used in shockwave therapy. Highest quality standards and several certifications guarantee a reliable and safe solution.
Support pads
Tailor-made, anatomically contoured gel pads ensure maximum comfort and support to achieve the best possible therapeutic results.
Hallux-valgus (bunion) pads
Specially shaped Technogel® pads can be used to provide effective pain relief and support the effect of therapy for hallux valgus—a mispositioning of the big toe. Oeko-Tex® certification means that the gel is approved for use in direct contact with the skin, but can also be combined with other surface materials.
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