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What is Technogel®?

Technogel® is a unique, plasticizer-free gel material with the ability to be molded in 3D. It behaves like a liquid with the shape memory of a solid.

The company

More than 30 years ago, it all started with the dream and vision of making daily life more comfortable.

Industrial collaboration

We can customize Technogel® specifically to your individual performance requirements and support you through the process of implementing your ideas with our gel material.

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The original gel technology

After all — nothing feels better than a good sleeping experience.

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The advantages of Technogel® for daily well-being:


Following the tradition of innovation, Technogel® is the first and only mattress brand with a patented thermoregulating gel layer. Technogel® has revolutionized the mattress industry, providing a unique ergonomic support function with a proven positive impact on sleep quality.

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Every year, around 3 percent of apprentices complete their training with a rating of "very good. This is an outstanding achievement by the young people, but also underscores the exemplary quality of training in the companies and vocational schools.
With the investment of one million euros in a modern turntable system at our location in Berlingerode, we are following our culture of innovation and enabling even more flexible processing of new materials.